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Is the property wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the property has elevators to access higher floors in each building.

Where are the elevators located?

Elevators are accessible from the ground floor in each building.

Is there parking onsite?
There is FREE surface parking throughout Atlantic Village I and II, and also two multi-level parking structures, one each in Atlantic Village III and IV (Professional Center). Metered parking is also available on public access roads (Atlantic Shores Blvd., NE 8th Street and NE 7th Street). Valet parking is available at the entrance of Atlantic Village III located on NE 7th Street.
Is there valet parking?
Valet parking is located at the entrance of ATL Village III located on NE 7th Street.
Is there free parking onsite?

Yes, self-parking is free.

Can I park in any of the Atlantic Village properties?
Yes. As a visitor, you have access to parking throughout the different building sites.
Does Atlantic Village have electric vehicle charging stations?
Yes. Tesla vehicle charging stations are in the surface parking area of AV II. Access to the charging area is located through NE 8th Street and NE 7th Street.
Is the property pet friendly?
Yes. Your pet is welcome throughout the open/public space areas outdoors. All pets must be leashed. For indoor pet friendly areas, please check with the business you are visiting.
Is smoking allowed?
Yes. Smoking is allowed throughout the open/public space areas outdoors.
Does Atlantic Village have complimentary Wi-Fi?

There is no public Wi-Fi throughout Atlantic Village. Please check
with the business you are visiting for access to Wi-Fi.

What restaurants are there throughout Atlantic Village?
Please visit link to obtain current restaurant listing.
Is there outdoor dining?

Yes. Most of the restaurants have outdoor dining.

Are there amenities for children?
There are several businesses that cater to children. Please visit our LEARN Community.
Can I take public transportation from Fort Lauderdale Airport (FTL) or Miami Airport (MIA)?

Yes. Atlantic Village is accessible via public transportation as well as taxi and ride share services (i.e. Uber, lyft).

What is the public transportation nearby?
Where are the rideshare pick-up and drop-off locations?
Rideshare pick-up and drop-off locations are best served on the through access roads NE 8th Street and NE 7th Street.
Are there hotels nearby?

Yes. There are several hotels located near Atlantic Village,
The Diplomat Beach Resort
Hampton Inn
Hyde Resort
Double Tree Resort By Hilton
Best Western

What are your hours of operation?
Atlantic Village does not have set hours of operation. Please visit our Explore section to learn about the hours of operation for the business you are visiting.
Where can I find a map to the property?
In our website Visit section you can access both a District Map and General Area Map.
Is there an ATM onsite?
No. There are currently no public access ATM machines onsite.
Is there an information booth onsite?
Yes. There are onsite information screens throughout Atlantic Village. You can access our a listing of businesses via Directory or District Map.
Where can I obtain leasing information?
Leasing information can be found on our website’s LEASING page where you can Request Information and/or contact our Leasing Agent Daniel Chamberman at [email protected] Leasing Office Tel: (646) 323-7859
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