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Retail Leasing

Discover Atlantic Village – Your Ideal Culinary Destination in South Florida

Located in between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Atlantic Village offers a unique culinary experience that is perfect for your next business venture. Our expansive retail space, complete with a patio and outdoor area, provides endless possibilities for your growing business. Take advantage of this fast-developing area and watch your business thrive.

Office Leasing

Experience Excellence with our office buildings. We offer our tenants the choice of two CLASS A office buildings, each with its unique features:

• The Village Boutique Offices: A 6-story building located in Phase 2 of Atlantic Village (701 N. Federal Hwy). Our exclusive units are 2,595 Sq Ft per floor, allowing you to lease your own floor.

• Corporate Center: Located in Phase 3 of Atlantic Village (601 N. Federal Hwy), this Class A office building boasts spacious floor plates of 25,000 Sq Ft, high-end finishes, and an array of resort style amenities, including fitness centers, beauty salons, indoor kids’ playground, pre-school, and academies.

Offices for Sale

Professional Center

A new standard place to work visibility & exposure to Federal Highway.

(Atlantic Village Business Network)

Introducing Atlantic Village Business Network: Enhancing Connections for Greater Opportunities!

The Atlantic Village Business Network is an exclusive program that offers a platform for business tenants to cultivate networking and referral opportunities among each other. By fostering cross-collaboration, the platform aims to establish a stronger tenant community, which in turn promotes business growth. Monthly mixers are held, providing tenants with the opportunity to meet and collaborate with one another. As a tenant, you will experience the benefits of our thriving business community!


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